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OHint App

Ohintis a mobile application that connects to the Odoo Human Resource platform. It is used to record employee attendance and departure, as well as track their presence at the workplace during working hours.

Take a Look Around Features

Attendance and departure registration

Record attendance and departure through the application on the employee's mobile device.

Presence Monitoring

Monitor the employee's presence during work at the site, headquarters or locations specified for him

Attendee's Reminders

Alert the user to register attendance when he arrives at the company's headquarters or project site.

Offline mode

Using offline mode if you lose your internet connection and continue tracking with GPS until you reconnect.

Odoo version

The app works on all versions of Odoo 9,10 ,11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16 (Community and Enterprise).

Lock User & Mobile Key

Lock the user With his mobile phone by registering the device key, and he can't use the app with another mobile device.

Dispenses with the fingerprint device

Using the application eliminates the need for the company to use the fingerprint device.

Leave Requests

Request leaves and list the balances 
(Coming soon)

On-site time recording

Recording attendance by time at a specific location, headquarters, or several predetermined locations, whether for the company or the project.

Fingerprint Login

Facilitate and speed up a login on the app by saving login data and using a fingerprint for mobile devices supporting fingerprints.

Bilingual Arabic and English

A user interface that supports Arabic and English that allows switching between them.

Demo use

The application allows the use of the beta version of the smart button.

Track Visits Tracks

Track employee visits while attending time and location by Record employee moving location every 15 minutes.

Block fake location

Prevent the employee from counterfeiting or manipulating the site by stopping the application from logging in in the first place.

Odoo Portal Users Support *** 

Work with odoo portal users, no need to purchase extra users.  (NEW)


Create, & update tasks in projects
(Coming soon)

Automate , Monitoring &

It gives senior management and managers at different levels the three best tools the manager owns in managing the facility.


Full control over employees' daily attendance and departure process during work at the headquarters of his facility and outside,it is knowing the geographical location and time of work.


We give you intelligent and instantaneous monitoring of the employee's presence, movement, and movement according to the nature of his work. Do that by determining each employee's locations, places, and workplaces and tracking the movement and movement paths of the employee of a moving nature of work.


Automating all attendance, departure and tracking operations, recording this in the company's employee databases, and performing all associated calculations such as salary, transportation allowance for sites and vacations. 

Successful Manager

What any manager will find in the Ohint application is full control over the attendance and departure process of employees and monitoring their presence at the workplace and their movement in
other work sites.

These routine and tedious tasks are performed automatically, so the manager can focus on other important and more critical tasks in his management and follow up the workflow better without distraction and put his full capacity and focus on the performance and productivity of workers instead of indulging in tasks that require time and effort that the application can perform automatically and accurately.

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I have an Odoo system

The company has its own Odoo system, and it is required to link the application to the already applied system.


Order OHint

I don't have an Odoo system

The company needs an Odoo system to manage
the company in addition to the Ohint application.

Order OHost + OHint


 Companies that have successfully implemented the Odoo system and have active clients, and they are interested in joining and taking advantage of the available discounts.

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